Mount Abu is high in the Aravali mountain range of Rajasthan (about 1,200m above sea level).  The climate in October/November is warm during the day (15°C to 28°C or more), and cool in the evening.

For centuries Mount Abu has been one of the most famous pilgrimage places of India.  The rulers of the former princely kingdoms of Rajasthan maintained summer houses here. Now there is a large number of schools and other training institutes.  The town is quite small with a population of around 30,000 people. There are many villages in the mountains, some no more than a few huts, others are larger.

Mount Abu is a popular tourist spot and The Brahma Kumaris campuses are included in the itineraries of many visitors.

Mount Abu is an eco-sensitive zone and the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary includes a large area of evergreen forests with bears, leopards, mongooses and other wildlife and about 250 species of birds.

Activities in and around Mount Abu include:
• visits to temples and holy places
• craft and jewellery shopping in the village
• walking tours of the area
• nature walks, best only with an experienced guide