This week long program is held just once a year.  People come from all backgrounds and usually from more than 50 countries to study and explore spiritual knowledge and test its application to the human soul through personal experience of meditation, reflection and activity. At the heart of the program is the belief that learning is a personal responsibility accomplished in times of sharing and solitude.  The experience is challenging and fun and the week passes quickly.

In 1995 we had the program outline however we did not have a title. We were listening to a class by BK Jagadamba, the first administrative head of the Brahama Kumaris from 1936-1964. She was affectionatly called Mamma and during this class she was talking about personal spiritual transformation with the main achievement being Peace of Mind which brings happiness in my life,. Mamma spoke in English. We all agreed that this was the title for what became Peace of Mind, the Mount Abu Meditation Experience.

There are sessions in large and small groups on spiritual knowledge and ways of applying it in life, periods of silence and stillness for reflection and reinforcing personal learning, off campus and outdoor reflective activities (walks, games and picnics) and opportunities to meet lovely people from around the world.

An essential part of Peace of Mind is experiencing how the arts and spirituality can come together to enrich life and deepen appreciation of its wonder.  Throughout the program music in particular complements the journey of words and silence.  During the week, everyone enjoys the products of the art of cooking during the week and moderate physical exercise, especially walking, is an important part of the program for most people.